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Welcome to Danish Embassy in Bangkok Thailand

October 2, 2012

ImageGoing abroad is popular these days, it is possible to go abroad for a brief holiday as a tourist as well as a travel firm. You can visit Thailand to view the the gold church or you can visit Holland and see the tulips and so forth…In case you go abroad about five or 6 days as a tourist you don’t have to worry about the visa as the travel organization will help you to complete each of the essential formalities. And it truly is clear that you can go abroad without knowing regarding the formality to apply for going abroad. What will you do if you’d like to apply for going abroad? Of course, if you’d like to go abroad you’ll want to possess a passport plus a visa. You can apply a passport very easily nevertheless it is very challenging if you want to possess a visa.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between a passport and visa. You’ll find a lot of individuals who have a misunderstanding about these. A passport may be understood as a private identity card for you once you are in abroad. The passport will help to prove who you happen to be, where you happen to be from, what year you was born and so on, the aim of passport is usually to certify the owner from the passport. It’s the necessary point you have to submit at a hotel or a police station when you are in abroad. To possess a passport you only need to support every one of the necessary documents and go to Provincial Immigration Department to carry out all of these actions. Waiting about three to five days then you’ll have your personal passport. You’ll find a whole lot of sorts of passports for example: ordinary passport that’s for tourist who are going to travel abroad. Official passport is used for government workers who travel to operate, loved ones passport, Fantasy passport and so forth.. Rely on your objective you will apply for the own passport. Right after having a passport and you feel you’ll be able to go abroad is really incorrect. You have to have a visa for the nation that you want to come.

What about visa? Visa can be a type of document that is supplied to permit a specific person to visit a nation. For instance you would like to check out Denmark. And if you are Bangkok citizen, you have to go to the Danish Embassy in Bangkok Thailand and apply to get a visa. This document will likely be presented towards the correct of the country which you want to enter. It’ll let you stay within a foreign nation inside a stable time. You’ll find a lot of kinds of visa: visa for tourist, visa for organization, Transit visa or Temporary worker visa as well as student visa etc…

As soon as you identify your goal you are able to have your passport or your visa, go to the Danish Embassy in Bangkok Thailand and after that it is possible to go to Denmark or you can go to America or even English, any nations you wish. Realize that wherever you come from, you need a passport that’s valid for 6 months no less than, a visa along with a return ticket. If you come to Denmark, for the duration of 7 days of arrival it’s essential to register at any hotel you remain at, or police station etc…It is particular that you just usually have to bring your passport. Wish you might have a good journey.


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