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Blurred vision and Your Understanding

September 24, 2012

ImageToday while the society is more and more developed along with IT, using computer in your daily life is actually popular. You need to have laptop in your work, you use laptop to search world wide web, watch movies, read news, read newspaper, have fun with game even go shopping. All your daily routines are associated with your personal computer and obviously that your eyes are going worse. According to some American surveys, there are approximately ¾ people who usually use computer, have functional disorders of the eyes. If you always use computer, maybe you have got one of these issues without understanding. So the concerns are that what are the indications? and how do you avoid and overcome these symptoms as quick as possible?

There are many symptoms you can meet when you get computer vision syndrome: first of all you will find that your eyes are strain, dry and even blurred vision. Along with these symptoms you will be aware that your shoulders, neck and back are strain and visual fatigue. Once you have some symptoms, it is no doubt that your eyes are not good and you have got blurred vision. You need to study some methods in order to improve your eyes and how to avoid these status.

To stop these issues, you need to understand what are the real causes so that your eyes is going worse. We can understand that your eyes are blurred because of some following factors: You use computer so much and you forget to blink, there are plenty of glare and light from your computer, your personal computer is higher or much more lower in compared with your eyes etc..

Once we be aware of causes, then giving answers is not hard. You must blink when you use computer 15 minutes, If your eyes are too dry you need to use artificial tears so that your eyes are wet enough. You also need to modify your computer’s position. You have to put your pc lower a bit. Because when your pc is higher your vision, your eyes must be up and open to look at your computer and these make your eyes drier normally. Let your eyes to be rest after 20 minutes working with computer and this is essential.

You also should put your computer far from your eyes about 50 cm to 60 cm, and your computer is lower your eyes 10 cm to 20 cm. If the screen is lower or higher than your eyes will make your neck and shoulder fatigue. You need to clean your screen daily because the dust will reduce the contrast of the screen. Illumination and contrast of the screen are really important and need to be considered carefully. You need to pay attention to the light in your room, because if the light in your room is too bright you have to modify the light of your screen, so it is needed to understand that the amount of light in your room is not too bright or too dark, then you have to alter the brightness and the contrast of your screen until your eyes feel comfortably.

When you know and alter all these symptoms properly, you can use your computer without having to worry about blurred vision. Hope you could have health eyes, a health life with a busy work with your computer


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